Lisa Johnston - CEO/Treasurer/Sec

Lisa Johnston

Phone: 907-225-6236
I have worked with the Company since 1995 but only working part time. I became a partner with this business when they incorporated. My background is in banking. I worked at a Credit Union for 8 years. Learning the financial background aspect has given me a insight on both sides for customers and business. I must say I have learned a lot about vehicles these past years. I hope to continue my dads vision.
Rick Reed - Manager/Vice-President

Rick Reed

Phone: 907-225-5390
I have worked for the company since 1995. When the company incorporated I became a partner. I have been selling cars for over 20 years in Ketchikan.

Office Support

Kay Guymon - President/office Support

Kay Guymon

President/office Support
My husband started this business after retiring from the Ketchikan Pulp Company after 35 years.

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New Group

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Monte W. Guymon - Founder

Monte W. Guymon

Our founder Monte W. Guymon passed away last March 2017. In his early years, Monte was a young entrepreneur. From making his own shoe shine box and traveling from St. Louis, IL to Baker, OR shining shoes in bars. Selling licorice and gardenias on the street to help support his family in St. Louis. Monte served travelers on the paddle boat, "The Admiral" as it traveled up and down the Mississippi River. In 1995, Monte started Basic Transportation Company a used car lot with his wife Kay Guymon, Son-in-law Richard Reed and Step Daughter Lisa Johnston. As the business grew it was Incorporated in 2003 and they became partners together. Monte was a great mentor to Rick and Lisa, he passed on his brilliant business knowledge he had learned over the years to them. Monte was always at the car lot with a cup of coffee, breakfast sandwich or donut while reading the Ketchikan Daily News at his desk. He never hesitated to wash or clean a car, or grab a tool and start to work on a car. He loved to go to the car auctions and bid on cars.